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Commission on the Aging

Commission on the Aging

Maureen Salerno, ChairAlternates 
Cynthia A. LaCour, Vice Chair Jeannette H. Sweeney
VACANCY                                                                             Julia A. MacMillan
Roberta L. Ilardo VACANCY
Janet R. Loya Secretary:
Kathleen M. Hull Jeanette Larca
Kathryn D. Johannssen  

Commission Profile

There shall be a committee to study the needs of and coordinate programs for the aging for the Town of New Fairfield and seven (7) members and three (3) alternates to be appointed by the Chief Executive Board. Three (3) members to represent the Community at Large, two (2) members to be representatives to the age group concerned, and two (2) members to be representatives of the Senior Citizens' Group of New Fairfield, all shall be persons interested in the consideration and solution of the problems of the aging.

The Committee shall study continuously the conditions and needs of elderly persons in the Community in relation to housing, economic, employment, health, recreational, and other matters. It shall analyze the services for the aged provided by the Community, both public and private agencies, and shall make recommendations to the Chief Executive and the "Municipal Governing Body" regarding the development and integration of public and private agencies, in cooperation with State and other services to the extent possible.

Contact Information

Town of New Fairfield
Commission on the Aging
4 Brush Hill Road
New Fairfield, CT 06812

Phone 203-312-5665

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