List of Approved Vendors and Solicitors

All vendors and solicitors selling products or services in New Fairfield must obtain a license from the Town BEFORE conducting business or soliciting door-to-door.  The application process for a license includes fingerprinting and background check by the CT State Police.  Vendors and Solicitors must carry their license with them while doing business in the Town.  If approached by a solicitor, please ask to see their license from the Town of New Fairfield.  If they do not have a valid license, ask them to leave or call the Police Department at 203-312-5701.  The following is a list of currently licensed vendors and solicitors:

John Lawrence
Marshall Read

Power Home Remodeling
Kevin Mallon
Samuel McCormick
Matt Sciarrino
John Walsh
Sean McSweeney
Stephen Brunetti

Trinity Solar
Aylin Kotapish