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Real Estate

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Connecticut State law mandates each municipality revalue all real estate every five years. The last revaluation for the Town of New Fairfield was completed October 1, 2014 by Vision Appraisal Technology Inc. The next revaluation is scheduled to be completed by October 1, 2019. All real estate is based on market value as of the revaluation date. Changes to the market after the revaluation date does not affect a property’s assessment.

The revaluation process includes:

  1. Data collection through data verification questionnaires and/or physical inspection
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Valuation
  4. Field Review
  5. Informal Meetings/Hearings

The link below accesses the Vision Appraisal Technology, Inc. website. The website explains the revaluation process by accessing the "Taxpayer Revaluation Info" link.

Individual property assessment information is also available at the Vision Appraisal Website.