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General Tax Questions

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Real Estate Taxes are due semi annually – July 1st and January 1st

Motor Vehicle Taxes are due annually – July 1st for all vehicles registered as of the previous October 1st

Supplemental Motor Vehicle Taxes are due January 1st for vehicles registered after October 1st

I have moved, where do I change my address?
For Motor Vehicle taxes – you must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of your new address within 48 hours. Be sure that you request a change of address on your driver’s license and on all of your vehicle registrations. For Real Estate and Personal Property taxes – must be changed in writing and directed to the Tax Assessor’s Office.

What is the current mill rate?
The Town of New Fairfield’s current mill rate is 30.58. ($30.58 for each $1,000 of assessed value). Once the town’s annual budget is approved by the voters, the Board of Finance sets the mill rate.

When does my tax bill become delinquent?
Taxes must be paid within one month of the due date to avoid becoming delinquent. All delinquent taxes are subject to interest as set by Connecticut State Statute. Interest is charged at a rate of 18% per year (1 ½% per month) and reverts back to the original due date. There is a minimum interest charge of $2.00. The Tax Collector has no authority to waive the penalty.

What if I never received a tax bill?
Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt you from payment of all taxes and any interest and fees that are charged.

What if I have back taxes due?
Back taxes and interest must be paid in full before this office can apply any payment to your current taxes. If the delinquent taxes are for motor vehicle taxes in your name, no renewal or new registration can be obtained until all delinquent motor vehicle taxes are paid in full. To receive a motor vehicle clearance, bank check or cash payment may be required.

What if I need a DMV clearance?
All motor vehicle taxes in your name must be paid in full to obtain a clearance.  Payments made through the online service are updated to your account on the following business day.  Your name will then be cleared with DMV the morning of the next business day.  This means you will be cleared to register with DMV two business days after making your payment. Payments made in person at the Office of the Tax Collector are cleared with the DMV overnight.  You will be cleared to register with DMV on the following business day. Effective November 2015, the DMV discontinued the paper clearance slip.    

I received a motor vehicle tax bill and no longer have the vehicle or have moved out of state?
For any motor vehicle taxes where the vehicle was sold, stolen, totally destroyed and the registration was not transferred to another vehicle, you may be eligible for a tax credit on the bill. If you moved out of state and also registered the vehicle out of state, you may be eligible for a tax credit on the bill. Contact the Assessor’s Office at (203)312-5625. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR BILL!