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Diana Chapleau, Office Manager

Department Profile

The Public Works Administration includes the Director, Office Manager and Administrative Support Staff, which is the nucleus of the Public Works Department. Our focus is on customer service, employee performance; expectations; professionalism; training; team building, and providing guidance and leadership to meet the ever-changing challenges faced by the department.

The Public Works Director supervises and oversees capital improvements or replacement projects, either with in-house staff or contractors, the operations of the Highway, and Vehicle Equipment Maintenance Divisions and Transfer Station. The Director works with the Town Engineer on projects and subdivisions, which require engineering expertise.

We strive to provide safe roads and rights-of-way conditions for the public by supplying services essential to the maintenance of the town’s infrastructure, while keeping within the parameters of budgetary constraints. Public safety is of the utmost importance to this department and it is our goal to meet the needs of the residents by providing both proactive and preventative maintenance programs, long-range planning, and by addressing requests, questions, and concerns.