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Effective 12/1/16, cash will no longer be accepted.

The New Fairfield Drop Off Center accepts household garbage, single stream recycling, some household bulky waste and automotive waste items, textiles, electronics, scrap metal and mattresses for recycling and yard waste from residents. The household garbage collected at the Drop Off Center goes to the Wheelabrator Waste to Energy facility in Bridgeport, CT where it is burned to produce electricity.  The single stream recycling collected at the Drop Off Center goes to the Winters Bros. Materials Recovery Facility in Shelton, CT, where it is separated into marketable products such as paper, cardboard, PET plastic, HDPE plastic, etc. and sold into the commodities markets.  More information is available on where our garbage and recycling goes at  

The Drop Off Center is designed to help residents easily and economically recycle and dispose of household waste.  The following information will be helpful to you when using the Drop Off Center. 

  • Permits - You must have a permit to use the Drop Off Center unless you are dropping off ONLY electronics or mattresses. All other items require a Drop Off Center permit. The current permits are good until June 30. When renewed on July 1, it will be good July 1 - June 30 of every year. Permits may be obtained HERE, in person at the Drop Off Center, or at the New Fairfield Health Department located downstairs in Town Hall. There are NO free permits. 

  • FEES - Upon entering the Drop Off Center, please stop at the Gate Attendant building, located on the left side, just before the containers. After having your waste assessed and your fee calculated accordingly, the Gate Attendant will direct you to the appropriate disposal location(s). FEES.

  • Stations -  There are a series of eight stations with containers to collect various items. The stations are set up as follows: garbage, electronics (on the left), textiles (on the left), single stream recycling, scrap metal, bulky waste, tires, automotive items, and mattress (far right, lower level).

  • Safety -  As you step up to the fenced area at the opening of each station/container, for your own safety please exercise caution when adding your items to the containers.

  • Clean Up - Brooms and shovels are provided for your use.  Please help us to maintain a clean facility and keep costs down by cleaning up any debris once you have finished disposing of all your items.

  • Assistance - Attendants are happy to assist you with any heavy items.  Senior citizens are urged to request assistance with heavy bundles.  

  • Refrigerator Safety - When disposing of a refrigerator at the facility, please remove the door prior to its disposal as a safety precaution.

  • Automotive Items Safety - Car batteries and used motor oil and antifreeze are collected in the small garage, located on the right side, directly after the magazines/newspaper/cardboard collection container.  For safety purposes and per the regulations of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, please DO NOT pour oil or antifreeze into the containment unit.  Set your items inside the garage and the attendants will pour off the material.

  • Single Stream Recycling - You can mix all your paper, plastic, glass and metal household recyclables together in a clear or blue bag and place it in the container at the single stream recycling station. See other items here that can go in your single stream as well.   

  • Paint Disposal and Recycling - The Drop Off Center is not permitted to accept paint or stain of any kind.  However, under Connecticut's new paint stewardship program, you may dispose of both latex and oil-based paint and stain all year long at a participating hardware or paint store such as Village Hardware in New Fairfield.  For more locations and information on the program go to and enter your zip code.  

  • Electronics Recycling - Recycle any of your used electronics at the Drop Off Center by leaving them in the electronics container on the left immediately  after the Gate Attendant building.  You do not need a permit to drop off ONLY electronics.  The town receives a rebate for all e-waste collected to help hold down costs.  For more information on the types of electronics that can be recycled at the Drop Off Center, click here

  • Mattress Recycling -  Mattresses can now be recycled at the mattress container at the Drop Off Center for free if they are clean, dry and not twisted.  See photos of acceptable and unacceptable mattresses for recycling.  Unacceptable mattresses will be disposed of as bulky waste and residents will be charged a fee for their disposal cost.  

  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) - The Drop Off Center is not permitted to accept ANY household hazardous waste.  New Fairfield residents may use for free two different HHW collections offered in the region each year, one the third Saturday in May in Newtown and the other the last Saturday of September in Danbury.   For location, dates, hours of operation, etc. see  

  • Textiles - 90-95% of all textiles can be recycled at the Drop Off Center in the Bay State Textile Recycling Bin.  See the list of clothing, accessories, footwear and linens accepted for recycling in the textile container here.  The Town receives a rebate for all textiles recycled through this program to help hold down costs.

  • Brush and Leaf Collection - The brush and leaf collection area is located on the left side, as you exit the Drop Off Center.  Please remove any non-degradable objects such as plastic bags, tires, metal, etc. when disposing of brush and leaves.  Please note that stumps, logs or brush over 4" in diameter or over 3' in length are NOT accepted.  

  • Questions About Solid Waste and Recycling? - If you have any questions about garbage disposal, recycling, product stewardship programs, haulers registered to collect garbage in New Fairfield, etc., go to the regional solid waste and recycling authority website at

  • New Fairfield (Organics Food Scraps) Recycling - Permit is needed effective 1/1/17. If you are interested in the program please see the ATTACHED FLYER.

  • Form of Payment - Forms of payment accepted at the DOC are checks, credit cards, and debit cards. Cash will no longer be accepted.