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The Highway Division is made up of: 

  • One Highway Foreman 
  • One Crew Leader 
  • Six Driver Operators 
  • Four part-time snow drivers 
  • One seasonal employee, utilized in the summer months on temporary hire basis. 

The Highway Division provides road maintenance and snow removal services for 66.53 miles of town roads that consist of 3,982 drainage structures and 44 miles of drainage pipes. The staff is appropriately equipped and trained to respond to emergency situations, including severe weather related conditions. The Highway Department has the ability to provide emergency response to maintain or restore transportation functions in any emergency situation. The safety and well being of the residents is our primary concern, and aesthetics of the structures within the Town are of the utmost importance. 

During the Spring months, the division repairs winter related road damages and provides all trucking needs for the contracted road-sweeping program that is currently administrated by the town. The town has one sweeper, which is used for roads that have been scheduled for pavement overlay and cleaning the parking lots of these town facilities: 

  • N. F. Animal Shelter 
  • The Annex 
  • Ball Pond Firehouse 
  • Company A Firehouse 
  • Library 
  • Police Department 
  • Squantz Firehouse 
  • Town Hall 
  • Town Park 

Throughout the year, the Highway Division is responsible for the following maintenance work: 

  • Completing drainage improvements to roads being reconstructed 
  • Drainage improvement projects 
  • Preventative road maintenance 
  • Minor paving 
  • Driveway apron restoration 
  • Curbing and shoulder repair 
  •  Hot and cold pavement patching 
  • Catch basin cleaning 
  • Guide rail installation and repair 
  • Tree removal and branch trimming 
  • Sign repair and replacement 

During the winter months, the Highway Division is responsible for plowing and salt/sanding town roads and facilities during snowstorms, deicing isolated locations, and other various winter-related tasks. It also provides sand and salt to the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation trucks that plow Routes 37 and 39, during storms, however the state replaces all materials used. Salt and sand are available for use by private communities/tax districts and each Association is billed accordingly for this service. Residents are welcome to pick up salt/sand for personal use at the Drop Off Center during regular business hours at no charge. (No commercial/business use) 

Residents needing to report a road problem, i.e. potholes, paving, curbing damage, driveway apron damage, roadside mowing, dead trees, drainage problem, dead animals, etc. should call the Public Works Department (203) 312-5628 with the following information: 

  • Your name 
  • Your address 
  • Your phone number 
  • Location of the item needing to be addressed 
  • What specific repair/attention is needed