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Tree Warden

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Shane A. Cosentino

The Town of New Fairfield Tree Warden is a licensed Arborist who ensures the health and beauty of all trees located within the town’s right-of-way. Trees located on private property are the responsibility of the individual homeowner.

Working under the direction of the Public Works Department the Tree Warden has been empowered to render a professional opinion in the following areas:

  • Determines ownership of trees needing to be removed or trimmed (based on GIS measurements).
  • Determines the condition of trees, particularly with respect to public safety.
  • Care and control of all trees in whole or in part within the limits of any Town right-of-way or property.
  • Care and control of parts of trees and shrubs that extend or overhang the limits of any public roads or grounds.
  • Will remove, or cause to be removed, all illegally erected signs or advertisements placed upon trees within any public road or place under the Warden's jurisdiction.
  • Will post a suitable notice on any tree or shrub slated for removal or pruning at least five days prior to removal or pruning unless the condition of the tree or shrub constitutes an immediate public hazard.

Residents that wish to report a tree that appears dead or diseased should call the Public Works Department (203) 312-5628 with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Location of the tree, (i.e. street address, next to driveway, across from driveway, etc.)
  • Type of tree, (i.e. oak, maple, elm, ash, pine, etc.)

Trees slated for removal will be scheduled based on hazard to public safety and the order in which the request was received.