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Wintertime Parking Ordinance

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Sec. 9-27 wintertime parking

(a) There shall be no parking on any town road at any time while the town or its agents are engaged in snow plowing, sanding, ice control, or any other weather or storm related emergencies to keep or make the public roads of the town in a safe, passable condition. Parked is defined as having at least one (1) tire of the vehicle in question in contact with the paved portion of the road, without a driver in the vehicle, for any length of time.

(b) Violations of this section are subject to a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) which shall double if not paid within fifteen (15) days. Vehicles found to be in violation may be towed at the owner’s expense in addition to the fine. Appeals may be made under the process established by the board of selectman

(Ord. of 2-14-67(1), § 1, 2; Ord. of 3-14-95)