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Area Code 203 for all numbers

EMERGENCY Personnel Phone Number
Communications Center Dan McDermott 312-5719
Emergency Management Maria Evans 312-5723
Fire Chief Bruce Taylor 312-5732
Fire Marshal Derrek Guertin 312-5731
Police Dept Emergency 911
Police Dept Routine 312-5701

Town Departments Personnel Phone Number
Accounts Payable (Town) Erin Iacovo 312-5657
Accounts Payable (Schools) Cindy Austin 312-5655
Assessor Richard Seman 312-5625
Board of Education Patricia Cosentino 312-5770
Buildings and Grounds (Town) Lloyd Decker 312-5634
Buildings and Grounds (BOE) Phil Ross 312-5779
Building Dept Eric Kist 312-5646
Channel 17 Paul Gouveia 312-5833
Finance Dept Edward Sbordone 312-5650
First Selectmen Patricia Del Monaco 312-5600
Health Dept Tim Simpkins 312-5640
HR Director of Management Services Kara Mehler 312-5660
Library Linda Fox 312-5679
Parks & Recreation Linda Lull 312-5633
Housatonic Probate Court Marty Landgrebe 860-355-6029
Purchasing Agent Patty Mota 312-5653
Public Works Russ Loudon 312-5628
Recycling & Drop Off Center Mike Smith 312-5677
Registrars of Voters (D) Elaine Jordano 312-5613

(R) Donna Freeborn 312-5614
Regional Animal Control Peter Crockett 746-6888
Senior Center Kathy Hull 312-5665
Social Services Cindy White 312-5669
Tax Collector Kerrie Greening 312-5620
Treasurer  Ed Sbordone  312-5661
Town Clerk Pamela J. Dohan 312-5616
Zoning Evan White 312-5648